I just picked this up for 75 cents at a garage sale that Old Man Whippers was having! He said he’s had it in his family for years, but he has no idea of its provenience. I DO!

The photograph was taken in 1932 and is of notorious “dust witch” Maggie Miller. Maggie was rumored to have powers to control dust! In retrospect, that’s not really that exciting when it comes to witch-powers, but this is the only known photograph taken of her using her powers. Of course, historians have argued that this photo is probably doctored in some way, or that there’s some perfectly normal explanation for it. Yeah right, I said!


New Item: Blackwood’s Clock!




Just acquired a HOT ITEM! I’ve been trying to get my hands on this for quite a while, so it is a real boon that I was able to finally purchase Blackwood’s Clock at an estate sale this morning.

This clock, built some time around the early 1700s, was designed by none other than Algernon Blackwood, the town founder of Blackwood, where I call home and also where I keep ALL of my clothes.

The clock has quite a history. Legend goes that the old woman who built the clock for Blackwood was a witch! And apparently Blackwood, cheapskate that he was, swindled her out of her money (or ducats as they called them back then). The witch allegedly put a hex on the clock, and every night when the clock hit midnight, everyone within the Blackwood home would suddenly begin to experience the most terrifying nightmares. If they happened to be up past their bedtime and still awake at this hour, they would be struck stone still, and witness horrifying visions. 

The Blackwood’s maid, Milly, quit after she had a dream she ate all of her own fingers and toes. Blackwood’s son, Horrace, was sent away to live in an institution after he went quite mad from his dreams. 

Blackwood himself tried to pay the witch to make the curse stop, but when he went to the hut she lived in, she was gone. He tried to get rid of the clock, but no matter what he did–smash it, throw it into Jerry’s Creek, ship it across the world in a box–it always ended up right back on his mantle.

Of course, none of this is probably true. It’s just a clock after all, and we all know there’s no such thing as witches or curses. Still, this is a pretty keen item to have for my store! I can’t wait to put it on display.

Creep Street Land Development Deal?


Hello, everyone!

Michael here.

I just returned from a Town Meeting, where I acted as the guy who bangs the hammer to make everyone stop whispering. It was quite an evening!

The Town Elders brought up talk of building up the mostly derelict Creep Street, where only one house remains–the abandonded Smah house.


The Smah House

Several people liked this idea, but it was eventually abandoned once I reminded everyone that the Smah house was officially declared a Historic Monument, by me, since I’m also the town historian. Which means the house can not be torn down.

“Michael,” said the Mayor, “you can be a real chore to deal with!”

“Thanks, Mayor!” I said and banged my hammer loudly until the meeting ended.